Protection Orders

Protection Orders Against Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is when a person in a household abuses his or her partner, family, spouse or children. Forms of domestic violence include physical violence, sexual abuse, emotional, psychological abuse and economic abuse.

A Protection order in terms of the Domestic Violence Act of 1998, is a court order that specifies the conditions that an abuser must adhere to by the courts. In the event that the abuser does not comply with the order, they could face criminal and contempt of court charges.

The Protection from Harassment Act of 2010, affords victims a remedy from harassment.

The conduct of the person (family member or not) needs to be harmful and includes acts, such as:

Sexual harassment
Sending damaging correspondence via e-mail, packages, letters, etc.
Communication via electronic devices that could be construed as harassment
The person watching and hanging around the complainant’s work place or home

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